Friday, February 26, 2010

Lightspeed Consumer Panel -- Update

I recently redeemed a $5 amazon gift card and it was sent to my inbox just minutes after I had chosen to redeem it. Now that is fast! Although I don't get lots of surveys from them a month I did get enough to earn the gift card in just a few weeks. So far an overall positive experience. If you would like to join click HERE.

See my review below:

Lightspeed Consumer Panel is another good survey site. You are awarded points for completed surveys. Surveys range in point from 75 to 100 and more. You can also receive products to review depending on the survey taken. A $5.00 amazon gift card can be redeemed for 550 points and paypal for 575 but they have a huge list of rewards. They do not have a referral program. To join CLICK HERE.

** When signing up with sites I would create a new email account only for surveys to avoid these survey sites to overwhelm your inbox. Its also nice to have all of you survey emails in one place.

Swagbucks 3.0 New look and More!

Swagbucks had their big birthday bash yesterday to celebrate their 2nd birthday. I joined Swagbucks last year and have loved getting rewarded for just searching the Internet. If you would like to join click HERE

A few things have change so here is what you can expect with Swagbucks 3.0

* All Swagbucks are multiplied by 10 - it's applies site wide both to your account and to the rewards.
* More Ways to Earn - improved toolbar and more "no obligation" offers which equals to more ways to earn Swagbucks
* New Look - everything got a shiny new makeover, but it's still the same Swagbucks.
* Swagstakes Portal - an easy way to access all the sweepstakes.

What is Swagbucks? You collect swagbucks by searching on the Internet, entering special swagcodes, doing special offers and by buying items through swagbucks partnered websites. You also earn swagbucks for referring other people to join swagbucks.

My favorite item to get on swagbucks is the amazon $5 e-gift card for 450 swagbucks. If you want to join click here! I would love your referral bucks!