Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Do's and the Don'ts

Here is my list of do's and don'ts when it comes to working with survey companies.

  • Do cash out as as soon as you have enough to.  I choose amazon egift cards and Pay Pal for quickest payout.

  • Do use a separate email address for your surveys. Create a separate email account just for surveys, I like google and yahoo, so when you are ready to do surveys they are all conveniently located together.

  • Don't be discouraged by disqualifying for a survey. Every survey is looking for someone to fit a profile and sometimes you won't fit that profile.

  • Do the higher value surveys first and then work your way down. I start with the sites that pay the most first and then work my way down the list.

  • Do keep track of your earnings. Its easy to lose track of which survey sites have payments pending and which companies pay the best.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Survey Head Review

Survey head has funny little cartoon people but it seems like a decent survey company.  They send you emails when they have a survey for you or you can log in to your account to see what surveys are available to take. I don't receive many emails from them but I have been able to complete lots of surveys on the website. They have lots of awards available like amazon gift cards and pay pal. You will get a $5 signup bonus that will be instantly added to your account.  Cash out is $25 and they show you how much you need before you can cash out. One thing that is different about survey head is that they send you an email when money has been received from your survey. If you want to sign up for Survey Head click HERE.

** When signing up with survey sites I would create a new email account only for surveys to avoid these survey sites to overwhelm your inbox. Its also nice to have all of you survey emails in one place. 

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Toluna is a survey site where you get surveys in your inbox and by taking them at the Toluna website.  You can also participate in quick surveys and even create your own polls and opinion topics that others can comment on.  You also get points for signing up and filling out intrest surveys.  I receive surveys everyday from Toluna. 

60,000 points are required to redeem either a $20 check or have $20 deposited into your paypal account.  Paypal is deposited within 10 days and a check takes 6 weeks.

I have also have received product surveys from Toluna.  Product surveys are easy, quick and pay well.   I would highly recommend this survey site.  If you like to join click HERE. 

** When signing up with sites I would create a new email account only for surveys to avoid these survey sites to overwhelm your inbox. Its also nice to have all of your survey emails in one place.

Lightspeed Consumer Panel -- Update #2

I recently received a food product survey from Lightspeed. I received the product, tested it, then about one week later I received a survey about the product. It was just a short survey and then I was awarded 550 points. Which is enough to get an $5 amazon gift card. Quick, easy, free food product and $5 on top.

 If you would like to join Lightspeed Consumer Panel click HERE.

See previous posts below:

Update #1

I recently redeemed a $5 amazon gift card and it was sent to my inbox just minutes after I had chosen to redeem it. Now that is fast! Although I don't get lots of surveys from them a month I did get enough to earn the gift card in just a few weeks. So far an overall positive experience. If you would like to join click HERE.

Lightspeed Consumer Panel is another good survey site. You are awarded points for completed surveys. Surveys range in point from 75 to 100 and more. You can also receive products to review depending on the survey taken. A $5.00 amazon gift card can be redeemed for 550 points and paypal for 575 but they have a huge list of rewards. They do not have a referral program. To join CLICK HERE.

** When signing up with sites I would create a new email account only for surveys to avoid these survey sites to overwhelm your inbox. Its also nice to have all of you survey emails in one place.

Check out Pinecone Research: Earn Extra Cash

 Stretching A Buck has a link to Pinecone Research available right now. If you are interested in this survey site I would sign up now. Spots fill up fast and not everyone is accepted. You don't receive many surveys a month from them but they do pay you $3 for each survey.

I signed up over a month ago, received only one survey from them, but 5 days later I received my check in the mail. I would highly recommend this survey site.

Sign up is now over.
Looks like her link is not working right now.  You can always check out her blog by clicking on this link. Here is a direct link to Pinecone Research.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards


Have a baby in diapers? Even if you don't you can still earn rewards, enter sweepstakes and play instant win games at Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards. My favorite sweeps website Sweetie Sweeps has a list of all available codes that you can enter on the website to gain points. You can also earn points by watching videos and answering a poll. They have lots of great prizes! Here are a couple codes from Sweetie Sweeps to get you started.

Huggies Enjoy the Ride Rewards


To see Sweetie Sweeps full list click HERE.